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So I’m working from home today. As I have a cast on, torn my Achilles, blah, blah, the world revolves around me etc. did I mention that? ‘ping’ (my email ping is not a upper case ‘PING!’) An email arrives.

I scan through it

‘…just to let you know I start my chemotherapy on Monday’

Why did I mention this?

Because if you’re reading this and you’ve torn your Achilles there is always someone who has more pressing issues. You’ll be fine, it’s a pain in the arse but you’ll get over it. There is a light and it’s not attached to the 8.33 from Hull.


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I’m now 10 hours away from my next trip to the hospital. It’s be 4 weeks and me and my cast have become quite attached over that time. It’s now a bit grubbier, a bit tattered, a bit torn, a bit cracked round the edges. But it’s severed me well.

My leg looks skinny, muscle wastage is pretty impressive, and that’s just the bit I can see. Not sure what to expect if my cast comes off tomorrow. Deep breath. Although not too deep, I guess the smell in their will be kinda ripe.

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