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I know I said don’t google about injuries, it will only make you feel bad. I didn’t OK, but now I’m on the mend a bit more I had a hunt around for blogs¬† on Achilles tendon ruptures,¬† or ‘ATR’ as the bloggers call it. Some where good, some not so good, some where downright misirable, but I found www.achillesblog.com full of interesting stuff.

Worth a read (when you’re in a positive state of mind)


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Quick one this, because lets face it me telling people about sleeping is dull as ditch water.

Night two was a 100% better, less worried about my Achilles. Woke at 4 something, quick turn over, dead to the world till 8am.

My foot is still as bloated as drug smugglers rectum mind you.

One for the family album…

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