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First off I’m please to say if you Google image search for ‘heel block air cast boot’ you get a picture of my boot and picture of RoboCop, some people will be left scratching their heads I feel.

In other news tomorrow I got back to the hospital where I think my heel block is going to be dropped from 4 cm to 2 cm, never before will 2 cm seemed like so much (add your own punchline)


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A couple of people of told me that taking a load of vitamin C can help with an Achilles tendon rupture, I’ve been taking some, but maybe not enough, so I’m going to up the amount to 1000mg a day, which according to the NHS is OK. Even if it dosen’t help, it can’t hurt. Here’s a study involving rats, poor buggers, who tested the vitamin c theory out.

While I was at the health food shop to stock up on Ruta I was also recommended these. I’m now £60 worse off and rattle when I walk.

I’ll be honest I wasn’t really into homeopathic medicine, but I know a few people who are (my physio is one of them) but my Achilles does feel good so far, the’re might be something in this thing…

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