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So there it is, the last of the main blocks came out this evening, and I’m now left with one small, spongy blue block in my Aircast, the one I’ll be using in my shoe, when I get into them, for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Next up will be getting rid of the last remaining crutch, which I don’t need too much, it’s just handy for those uneven pavements.

I came pretty close to going into shoes today, but at the last moment my doctor changed his mind and condemned me to the cast for another 3 weeks. Joy.


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I’m a bit of a trainer head. Most of my collection has remained unworn since I ruptured my achilles, and of the ones that did get laced up, only one half of them got to see any action. I’d promised myself a new pair, something to look forward to when I finally get out of my cast and today I made it out for my first proper bit of shopping in 3 months. I made it through Oxford Circus, Soho (Foot Patrol), Regents Street, Tottenham Court Road and a stop off in Camden, the leg was good, I took one crutch with me, but that will go once I take out another heel block on Tuesday night.

Fingers crossed I will be sporting a pair of Air Max 1’s (courtesy of the better half) and Air Max Skylines sometime soon.

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OK, so the cast is still on, but the crutch for the first time was left behind for a hobble into the outside world, I haven’t used my crutch around work or at home for a long time, but this first venture wasn’t too bad.

Pavements are still my enemy, I didn’t realize how uneven they are, so I’ll probably still take the crutch with me for longer journeys, but it was good to walk, albeit like RoboCop.

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One leg heel raises are on a leg with a recently ruptured achilles are a ………………..(insert swear word of your choice here)

My little old leg ain’t what it used to be, and these really show that, doing just 20 of them is pretty hard core. I don’t have any fear of hurting my achilles, which is good, I just don’y have the power in my leg yet to do them with out swearing out loud.

My calf is coming round after only a few days, I can feel the tension in it and it no longer swings about to it’s hearts content.

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That’s the new thing, along with single leg heel raises and a new colour of Thera-Band – black is the new light blue

Yes it was physio time again this morning, and all’s good. My physio seems happy, still no pain and a few new exercises to do. I tried my best to see if I could get out of the cast in two weeks time, but alas no, looks like I’m in for 3 to 4 more weeks, not great news but I’ve been in it so long now another couple of weeks won’t matter.

I can now go full weight bearing in my cast, which is good, although it’s not the most flexible so long distance might still need a crutch. Most of the time the spare hand will be…erm… handy.

Back again in a couple of week, and I have to bring both trainers, so that should be progress, I have a wedding to go to on the 12th July so I’m aiming to get into shoes for a least a few hours by then.

Once I’m into shoes I can start going to the gym in the hospital twice a week for six weeks to get the leg fully back in the game.

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I don’t care if it’s not PC. So far the only people who have failed to notice that I was on crutches and just pushed in infront of me are F**KING ITALIAN TOURISTS. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect people to do anything for me, I’m well able to get around and look after myself, but people do, they’ve all been very kind, helpful and polite even when I’m sure I must of got in the way.

Take your oversized sunglasses and matching shinny puffa jackets and f**k right off back to Italy.


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You can stop reading now if you like as my return trip was as uneventful as the first.

Belfast International Airport to Gatwick was today’s challenge and I have to say it wasn’t much of one. I arrived in good time, checked in and was ushered through the  ‘executive’ security lane straight to the front of the queue, in your face people who can walk properly. My Aircast was swabbed (so I now know you can’t blow something up with it or inhale, inject of swallow it, thought the smell of it must have hallucinogenic properties) and I was on my way through to departures.

If I have to moan about something (and I’m clutching at straws here) it would be that to get special assistance you have to check in at the desk, which means queueing up behind people with suitcases as big as my flat, and then watch them try to fit the excess weight into their hand luggage, while I have to stand on my doggy leg. It would be great if you could check in on line and still get special assistance, I know they need to see you, see if you need a wheel chair and all that but that’s all I could find to complain about OK.

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