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Just a little post on my love of my Aircast boot, we’ve been together a little while now (9 ish weeks) and I have to say what a great invention it is. My first cast was over the knee and I hated it, second was standard affair and it did the job… but then the Aircast arrived and everything get a bit more ‘normal’. Just being able to put your foot on the ground, sleep cast free, have a shower cast free, have a bath cast free make you feel like you are getting you life back. It’s taken me on buses, trains an airplanes without a hitch. In the early days being able to let the air out of it I still felt safe in a cast but it gave me a bit more comfort.

I think even when I had my set back the Aircast might of even saved me from going back to square one… who knows.

We’re still going to be together for a while, and it’s all getting a bit tired and smelly but it’s a bit of an old friend by now.


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I’ve just passed 15 week in casts (I know I’ve done a few more than most as I had my set back) it’s funny reading other people’s post saying ‘back in shoes at 9 weeks!’, ‘First jog at 10 weeks’ if you’d told me at the start I’d be this far behind a couple of months back I’ve of been pretty down about it, but it just goes to show that yet again everyone is different.

I do think the big guy upstairs was looking after me, and now the dust has settle all seems good. Now that I’ve had a couple of proper nights sleep I feel good to go again. OK so it’s going to take me a bit longer and my AirCast is going to stink to high heavens by the time we say a say goodbye to each other but my aim now get my leg moving well over the next two week, get my five physio sessions  in a day (and maybe one in the bath as well) and get ready to start  double heel raises wednesday week. It’s pretty good to feel like I’m moving forward again… albeit slowly.

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This morning I went back to physio for the first time in about a month. There wasn’t really much I could do as I am back to square one as far as physio goes. She had a quick look at me, stretched me a bit and I had asked from some advice on massage for the tendon so she showed me how to do that (or get the better half to do it if I’m honest). She was telling my that it will always be scar tissue, and you can get that scar tissue to behave like a tendon, but it will take a long time, even when you are back walking. The body is a pretty amazing thing, they way it can put it’s self back together.

She also massage the back fo my calf and knee, which was a bit sore, that along with still being a bit nervy after my scare ment it wasn’t the most relaxed I’ve ever been. Feels good now though. Just have to get my head around getting some movement back into my leg, it’s like when I started doing it the first time every time a little voice is in your head going ‘Please don’t pop… please don’t pop!’

Aside from that after recent going on’s I slept like a baby last night for the first time in about five days, dead to the world.

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Today was the day I saw my Doc. After I had my ultrasound and they said it was a re-rupture, I’ve had several emotional days where I was ready for the worst.

I explained to my Doc what the ultrasound had said, and was already to get into what do we do next but he was like ‘Hang on, let me have a look’. So up on the bed, Thompson test, prodded and poked at, wriggling of feet, lying on my front legs in the air, tendon massaged, and he was like ‘I’m not so sure’. I asked what about the scan? he explained that whilst the guy who did my scan is a friend of his and very talented, but  you need a scan, to see the patient, and to listen to the patient to get a full picture and see where we are.

So the out come is that I have done some damage to the tendon, where the tendon and muscle merge (that was where my original injury was) but it’s all there and even if I asked to operate on it as it stands he wouldn’t. There wouldn’t be much he could do (due to it being tendon and mussel where the damage is). He booked me in for an MRI in a couple of weeks and told me to go back to light physio get some blood flowing round the tendon to help it heal, along with getting my other half to massage the tendon to loosen it and get the scar tissue away.

Thanks to all of you who were concerned for me, it meant alot, and I’m sorry if I seem like the boy who cried wolf, I don’t mean to. I want my blog to be as honest as possible and show the good and bad bit’s of an ATR. This has been the most emotional, confusing part of my recovery so far and if you reading this and thinking that’ll teach you to jump to conclusions, you’re right I did, hopefully this will help someone else not to. I’m off to hug people.

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Here’s a little project that I started before my ATR but it’s been ongoing during it, passed the odd hour here and there. It’s called ‘Illustrating my itunes’ and as you’ve guess I’m doing just that, one illustration for each artist in my itunes. Here’s a couple of them, 182 more here


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Sofa arrived today, I only ordered it yesterday! This next go at getting over my ATR will be done on this bad boy. It can also fold down as a bed, and I know it sounds lazy, but that will happen, especially when the (by now) long suffering better half is about so we can both have a bit of comfort. Could of done without the expense in the year I’m getting married (December the 9th is the big day – so I HAVE to be at least hobbling by then… if not I want an AirCast boot with ribbons on!) but sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

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Yep, this time I’m going to do the achilles rupture thing with a bit more comfort, as of tomorrow I will be the proud owner of a shiny new sofa (atcually a sofa bed if I feel the urge). I did my last recovery on a two seater sofa and just about managed to get comfortable, but not this time. As the cub scout in me knows ‘Be Prepared’ and this time I will be.

Not so much re-rupturing an achilles tendon, more gaining a sofa.

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