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This morning I went if for a check up with my Doc, I waited patiently (no pun intended) and then someone else appeared and started asking me all about my ATR. I was a bit taken aback if I’m honest and when she asked me to walk on it I was like ‘hang on, who the f**k are you?!’ (in my head of course) thankfully my Doc then appeared and I was spared from whoever it was who was clearly very keen. I’m too far along now not to be dealing with people who don’t know what they are doing. I know everyone has to learn some place, but this time, not on me.

Rant over.

My Doc had a look over me, said there might still be a slight gap in the tendon lower down the leg, so that could be something to keep an eye on, I told him I was going for an MRI in the afternoon and he said that’s good, they had stopped a bit short on the last MRI (why are people telling me this now I thought) so higher up the leg, to the calf muscle, will give a full picture. I have to believe that if my Doc was worried he’d do something about it, but I also know a lot of the ATR treatment is ‘suck it and see’ which I guess is where the human body and science meet on the other side.

So no blocks out of the boot this week which was a bit disappointing, but what’s an extra week at this stage. I’ll see him again next week, so at least I don’t have to wait two weeks this time, where he said a block will probably come out. All in all if this goes OK, it would seem another 4 weeks in the Aircast.

On the bus back I met a guy who had fractured his pelvis, and that seems a lot less ‘fun’ than an ART, he did it in Croatia, spent five days lying in hospital over there, Air Ambulance home, operation, and now has to do three months with out any weight on one leg. That is hard work. Cruthes are a pain, they don’t hate me as much as they used to, but they won’t be sending me a Christmas card put it that way.

On a lighter note when I was lying looking up at the MRI for twenty minuets it dosen’t half feel like you are being squatted over by a giant man with his trousers down. I’ll leave you with that one.


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on the blog front so here’s a picture of Farrah Fawcett on a skateboard

not much to report if I’m honest, I’m back in seeing the Doc on Wednesday morning, followed by an MRI (nothing major I’m told) on Wednesday afternoon, thankfully the hospital is 5 minuets on the bus from my flat.

Here’s some random bits and bobs that have been going on…

My leg feels good, I’ve pull back on the physio (as I was told to do so) and just working on ROM stuff, but not going too hard at the tendon it’s self, and working on getting some muscle back into the calf with the theraband, I can see a bit of progress but it will be slow I guess until I get more weight onto it. I’m one crutch around my flat 100% now, but still two anywhere else, trying to use them to steady myself rather than carry the weight. That’s still tougher than it sounds but if another block comes out this week it will be easier.

I don’t want to build my hopes up, but the leg has never felt better, feels like a normal leg when sleeping, sitting about etc. So if I go by what my body is telling me it might be a good sign.

What is odd is that although I don’t have any fear walking etc. I do now get a slight panicked feeling when I go to the hospital, every natural gap in the conversation with the physio or the Doc makes my heart skip a beat. ‘Have the found something?’ ‘Is that abnormal?’ all this rushes through my head… of course so far they haven’t, but the mind plays tricks I guess. 🙂

Tomorrow starts my first day of unemployment (bank holiday weekend here in the UK) so I’m looking forward to having some time off to A: get my leg better and B: job hunt.


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I never answered blocked numbers, if they want me they’ll leave a message. Just had one of those and they left a message… the only problem is it was from the MRI unit at the hospital asking for me to come back in for another scan. Ahhhhhhh! I did ask should I be worried and they told me not to be, the Doc hasn’t asked for it, but radioligist just wants a scan further up the leg, more around the calf muscle, before they deliver their report.

So next Wednesday I’ll be back in, of all they things scans are the things I now hate most after the whole is it / isn’t re-ruptured thing. But what can you do?

Fingers crossed all is fine.

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That’s what I’ll be… or so I was told by my nice Irish physio named Kat. So I’ve got an Irish mammy, Irish other half, and Irish physio all telling my what to do. I feel right at home.

So where am I now then? Well, it seems to be OK, pretty uneventful and that’s the way I like it. Since the last visit to the physio I’ve had one block in the Aircast boot taken out, been doing my exercises and massaging my tendon everyday and it seems to be working. My physio was happy that the tendon had loosened up, the scar tissue is taking shape, starting to form in what will become a shiny new tendon (are tendons shiny?). She had a look at my MRI and said it all looks ‘good’ and is in one piece, but as she said, she’s not the expert on reading scans. After my recent experience I’m not sure who is, they are tricky things it would seem.

My leg and foot feel better than ever, and although I’m still looking at around another five weeks in the Aircast it’s getting there. The summer in the UK has been a right off so I haven’t missed much… roll on a scorcher of a November I say!

The tough bit of the physio was she asked me to put less weight through the crutches and more on the Leg/Aircast to get some strength into it. So far that’s harder than it seems, by this stage the natural reaction is to use my arms, I don’t have ‘the fear’ after the ‘almost re-rupture’ or whatever it was, it’s just tough to get your brain to do something new after so long. Around the house I can use one crutch again, which is great, although I’m still up a bit high on blocks in the Aircast to make it ‘comfortable’.

Up next is a trip to the Doc on Wednesday where, with a bit of luck I’ll get another block out.

In other news, my day job was looking for redundancies so I took voluntary which is handy, I now have some time off to get healthy and avoid dragging myself round London in the rain on crutches. Second time round it was much less ‘fun’.

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One thing I’ve learned is I now look at the world slightly differently. For example if a pretty lady walks past me on the street, it’s not so much a case of ‘Look at the (insert lady part here) on that’… but more a case of ‘O nice intact achilles’

I’ve changed.

I walk (ish) past Gwyenth Paltrow the other day. Did I see her? No. I was looking at the pavement as I crutched my way along. Bugger.

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OK so today I set off to the hospital for a check up and MRI results, and all seems good. My Doc sais that the fibers seemed intact on the MRI and after talking to me and examining me he thinks 6 weeks to get out of the boot. It’s all a bit of a long haul, but that’s OK… I was hoping to get sorted by the end of October if possible.

So now I see my Doc every two weeks and the physio the weeks in between so at least that’s something to do each week and then it feels like it’s moving forward. A block came out of the Aircast boot so walking is a bit more comfortable and I’ll give ti a few day then move onto one crutch around the house.

It’s been about 16 weeks so far, and I do feel a little behind everyone else, but as long as it wasn’t a re-rupture I can’t complain too much. The main thing now is getting some strength back into my calf muscle, so that’s the next focus.

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So off to the hospital today for my MRI scan… 20 minuets of lying on my back doing sweet FA. Not the most challenging part of my ATR if I’m honest, well apart from the noise that sounds like dodgy German techno (I atcually didn’t realise how close is was to dodgy German techno until I hit Youtube)

I was ushered in, no stripping off for me just remove watches, keys, phone and Aircast before I got into the room. Then my leg was strapped into place, I was offered a blanket (I passed on that one) and the doing nothing was underway. After all was said and done I made a point of asking the nice lady nothing about the scan. After my last Ultrasound I was told I had full re-ruptured, only then to be told I hadn’t so I figured this time, ignorance was bliss. The images will be ready for my trip to the Doc on Wednesday morning and he can tell me the good (or bad) news then.

Physio is going well (as far as I know) and my leg feels good and more like a normal leg than it ever did… as it stands my body is telling me I’m getting there and until I know something different that’s where I am.

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