look Mum no crutch(s)

After my physio visit yesterday I was told that I could loose the crutches… so after nearly 8 months I walked about with both hands free. It wasn’t as odd as I thought it would be, but it was ‘handy’ see what I did there. I’ll get my coat.

I did walk out today and grab some lunch and eat it walking back, just because I could. Yea so my foot is still stiff and walking up hill is slow going, but it’s amazing how quickly things start coming back.

Progress it would seem has arrived. I’ve still got a bit to do I know, and with a check up with the Doc and two physio appointments next week it will be busy. Then I’m away to get married for a month and when I get back it will be back to physio.


Today was a physio day… not only did my physio do some tissue massage where I think she was trying to kill me, she put me on one crutch! It’s been a long time coming, and it’s slow going now it’s here, but it’s great to have a free hand. I’ve been walking round work and in the flat with out crutches, but I’m a good boy and they’ve been ever present outdoors. It’s only took me 7 months and 1 day to get ride of one of them.

It would seem now that I won’t get hydro therapy as there is a big back log, and I’m walking well without it, so I don’t need it. I’m now back for three more physio secessions in the next two weeks before I go off to get married for a month. Then when I get back to it. I’m sure in the ideal world I won’t have a month off, but apart from stretching my leg and tendon, using it seems to get the most done.

In the week since my last physio secession it’s amazing how far I’ve come, things are getting looser and at times I can walk with only a very small limp. There’s still loads to do… but I might just be getting somewhere… on one crutch.

Once again Kat at the Royal Free in Hampstead is top notch, great physio who fills you with confidence.

In other news I also drove my car for the first time in about 8 months. Nothing went snap. Bonus.

It’s funny how quickly you get back to ‘normal’ OK I’m still on crutches going around, (and I look like something from the ministry of silly walks at times) but at work or in the flat they are hardly ever used, and it’s amazing me how much progress I can make between each vist to the physio.

I was in seeing the physio on Thursday, and she seemed very happy, still another 3 or so weeks on crutches but everything is improving and although my walking is far from perfect it’s getting so much better every day. Today was the first time I walked without thinking about walking, can’t remember what I was doing, but I made it from one end of the hall to the other before I knew it.

I’m booking into do some physio therapy in the pool in the next few weeks, and after that it will be 6 weeks of rehab 3 times a week. Of course I have a wedding and a honeymoon in December so full rehab will have to wait… but I feel good and I’m 5 weeks away from my wedding so that’s a lot of time to get more mobile.

I’m loosing the ‘fear’ that it’s going to snap again, of course it still could, but as long as my physio tells me what to do then I find no problem doing it. For me that really helped giving myself that rule.

So for now it’s carry on walking, conventrating on walking, stretching and getting it all moving again. There was a few days when it seemed like nothing much was happening, but now everyday feels better and better.

If you find this blog and you’re on the road to recovery I hope it’s all going well and look for the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s there somewhere!

I like this bit

The first bit of this ATR that been a real bonus… the chocolate favoured protein shake.

I went in for a check up with my consultant today (which I think for him was atcually a chance for him to have five minuets off and have a chat as the hospital was manic) he had a quick feel of my tendon said it felt good, and then said I should try and get some extra protein, to aid building up the muscle on my calf, so off I went to the health food shop and got myself some chocolate flavoured protein shake. I’ve never had it before and it’s pretty darn tasty.

He said I’d done everything I could of possibly done, and there’s a still a chance it could go again, but then there’s a chance the other one could go, so I’m not going to worry about it. I have to go back and see him in six weeks for another check up, but until then it’s over to my physio which he works very closely with and is more than happy for her to take over. I’m back to physio on Friday morning, so see what happens then.

So with any luck my calf will look like the young lady (I think it’s a lady?) in the pic.


one small step for me

I’ve just come in from a ‘walk’ – it was atcually a bit of an emotional moment. After six months (I was going to say ‘long months’ but I’m amazed how quickly it can go!) I went for a walk, OK so I still had two crutches for company, but it was the first walk where I used my achilles tendon.

I went to the physio today who made me walk to the gym in front of her so she could assess my walking. Right, some work to do on that, was the feedback. To put it in terms I understand I’m walking lob-sided, the effects of six months in casts, nothing I can do about it, I just need to ‘realign’ my center. So it was getting some weight through the bad leg and getting some stretch into the tendon to help it heel. It’s funny I have a bit of a mental block, but my way round it is to say to myself do what the physio tells you… so off I set shifting my hip over the bad leg, getting weight through the tendon, pushing off on my bad leg. OK so there was a little voice going ‘DON’T SNAP!’ but my physio is scarier. So she won!

I now have to practice walking, and I was told to do five minuets of ‘proper walking’ will be hard work… and it was! But already I can feel progress, every step makes you a bit more confident, OK, so every little niggle or odd new feeling in the leg takes some getting used to, but that keeps it ‘interesting’. I Went for a walk round the block tonight and concentrated on walking properly and it was a great feeling, getting thought the front door I found myself thinking back to the time they told me I had re-ruptured and s**t that felt standing in exactly the same spot. I feel for the first time I’ve come along way.

I was also allowed to go back to doing heel raises so two sets of 15 a day is the physios orderes.

As always I know I have to be careful and the hard work is probably just beginning but that’s OK, it’s been quite a ride getting to this point.

day one in two shoes

So today was my first trip into work in two shoes… I had my two crutches to say ‘get out the way… clumsy guy coming through’ and I did get a cab in and a cab home, not brave enough for public transport just yet. But I have to say all was good, I think I’m putting a bit more weight on the leg, and trying to stand with my hips even but by the end of the day I was tired, they leg ached a bit and the odd little twinge here and there, but I guess that’s to be expected after a spell of of action.

So onto day two out in the big bad world tomorrow, next stop with the physio is on Thursday, see what that brings.

So today was the day the physio put me back into two shoes. After nearly six months (my ATR happened on the 11th of April) I took my first steps in a pair of Nike Air’s. Of course I have heel raises in both shoes, and two crutch on my journey up and down the hospital gym but I can cope with that.

It was odd, I was elated, I was scared, I was more perplexed that I had to think about walking. It’s like breathing, it’s just something you do. I guess the last time I had to think about it I was one year old… and then I didn’t know what thinking was, let alone walking.

But all went well, the physio was happy that my walking was good and I was using the leg, all I had to watch out for was how I was standing and that my hips were level, obviously human nature is to take more weight on your good leg, but that is a no no. I did about ten lengths of the gym, no pain the the tendon, a little discomfort in the ankle joint that hasn’t moved much in the last while, but I have to say all good. I asked what next, do I use the Air Cast going round and do a bit without it and I was told no, just use the two crutches and get rid of it as soon as possible. I had to put it back on as I couldn’t carry it, and then I had to catch a flight home tonight so it stayed on for a trip through the airport as it’s too much walking too soon (and too slow).

When I got to my folk house I did a bit of walking about which my Mum and the long suffering other half were please to see, and it felt pretty good. I bit of a very slight twinge, but that’s my paranoia kicking in I’d imagine as much as anything else.

I’ve got a weekend of wedding prep ahead of me, so I’ll have to take it easy and the boot well be coming in the car with me in case there is a lot of walking to be done, but I was told to got for a walk tomorrow and get used to it… scary and exciting times.

So again I know I’m a long way off, but it’s not very long ago that today seemed like a long way off, but God willing I’ll get there… in two shoes!