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thats what went through my head yesterday at 12.32. I was walking down the road, on my way to meet a friend  for lunch when something went wrong. I thought someone had hit my cast and I turned round and no one was there, and of course a bit of pain, not too much, but enough to make bad words go through my mind.

So I got back to the office, thankfully about 20 meters away and jumped in a cab and headed to A&E. Air cast off and I could still move my foot, and do a heel raise, but no moments from the calf squeezing test.

What does all this mean? The doc said it may be a partial tear, but he won’t know until I get an ultrasound in the next couple of weeks.

I was told to put 3 blocks back in my Aircast Boot and carry on, what it all means, who knows, but I won’t lie I’m a bit frightened right now.

**UPDATE – I’m going private for a scan tomorrow. Fingers crossed the news won’t be too bad, and even if it isin’t great I’ll have something to show the Doc on Wednesday and see if it’s just going to take a bit longer, or it’s back to square one. The thing that worries me most is I’ll have that scan result in my hand for 4 days. Maybe ignorance would be bliss, O well it’s book now.**

**UPDATE – got some nice messages after this post – meant alot to me today. Cheers M**


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So yesterday was my second physio visit, nice bunch at the Physiotherapy department at the Royal Free, even nicer when they say “That looks likes a new foot”

I’ve been good, I did my exercises, kept it elevated to get the swelling down, hot baths where I moved my foot in the water, even moisturized my foot to loosen up the skin which gets pretty tight. I’ve also been lucky, as I haven’t had any pain, I gather there can be a bit at this stage.

And my reward?

I got to walk with one crutch up and down the corridor, pretty weird, I didn’t know you use the crutch on the side of your good foot, took a while for my head to work that out, but went OK, no pain.

Heel raises on two feet, stomach turning stuff the first time, strange to have my bare feet on the floor, but great all the same. I have to do theses at least twice a day standing at the kitchen counter, along with transferring weight from one foot to the other. I still have to take some of the weight with my arms mind you.

So there you go, feels like progress, long way to go, might be in shoes in 3 or 4 weeks.

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Most boring photo I’ve ever taken? Probably, but that is 2cm’s of what I’ve been walking round on for the last couple of weeks.

My check up went well today, the Doc even raised a smile, although that might of been because it was manic in the hospital and I was a simple in / out. I made out he was smiling as this was some of the greatest Achilles tendon healing know to mankind!

So I’m a bit lower to the ground, a lot less like I’m walking on one high heel, much more even when it comes to walking. A few new muscle getting used, which is nice, and after about 6 hours no new pains or aches (not that I’ve had many).

I’m back in two weeks to get the boot dropped another 2cm and then it was hinted at that I might go into trainers with a heel raise, but I’m not getting too excited until I’m standing in both my Nike Air Max 95’s for the world to see.

I’m back to see the Physio tomorrow, looking forward to seeing what she’s going to have me doing next.


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First off I’m please to say if you Google image search for ‘heel block air cast boot’ you get a picture of my boot and picture of RoboCop, some people will be left scratching their heads I feel.

In other news tomorrow I got back to the hospital where I think my heel block is going to be dropped from 4 cm to 2 cm, never before will 2 cm seemed like so much (add your own punchline)

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So it’s coming on, The Air Cats Boot is making life a lot easier. A lot easier.

Dinner with my better half, so nice to sit outside normally, not holding my leg up, or trying to get comfortable, just having dinner. Walked home, pushed it a bit too far (.35 miles), no Achilles trouble, I’m not putting too much weight on my cast yet, so the crutches and arms did most of the work, I used my smart crutches, so the hands came off OK. At first I thought a muscle was sore from the walk, bit worrying, but it was edge of the cast rubbing on my leg, normally this would piss me off, but I was glad that was all it was. As it’s a Boot I can pop it off and get some air round it and a bit of Savlon. Back in the game, well on the bench, in civies.

Started trying to do some exercise (a bit anyhow) for up  my upper leg, I look a bit Can Can dancer-esq, the Boot is heavy enough that if I stand up and raise it up and down fifty times, it’s a pretty good workout for it. Aiming to do that 4 or 5 times a day. Not much, but it’s a start.

Had a great nights sleep for the first time in 6 weeks last night. 8+ hours, woke up for a couple of minuets, realised I’d turned over in the night, everything looked in one piece, out fot the count again.

Swelling in my foot must be down around 15-20% from yesterday, when it looked a bit like a raspberry with toes.

Hopefully I will have nothing to blog about until Tuesday night, when I will have my first physio appointment over. Exciting times indeed.

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I’ve been in my Air Cast Boot for 5 hours now.

Here’s my first impressions.

First off I was told I can take it off occasionally, to have a bath, if I’m relaxing, sleeping, so far I haven’t. I’m too scared.

This will pass I’m sure, and for the next couple of weeks I want to keep it on as much as possible. The last thing I want is to go back to square one.

I’ve done a bit of walking, it goes without saying I still need the crutches, I guess I will for a good few weeks yet. Putting my foot on the floor is bliss though, I still balance on the other leg, but being able to steady yourself and use two hands properly is pretty special.

Walking is odd, as I have a 4cm block at the heel, and a massive plastic boot on my foot. It’s hard to tell if you’re leg is  even touching the ground, let alone putting any weight on it, but it’s early days.

It’s heavy, I now have to start from scratch on the best ways to sit, stand, lie down, have a poo. After 4 weeks in the last cast I thought I was winning, the system worked. Now I am on the hunt for a new one.

My body has a mind of it’s own. I was washing my hands in the bathroom, leg still in the air, muscle memory I guess.

It’s toasty warm. Great if it was December. But it’s not it’s May, and a heat wave is coming – weather man if you’re ever going to be wrong, let it be now. Nice and sunny I can cope with, sweat running down the side of my cast I can do without.

I’ll just ask myself ‘What would RoboCop do?’

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Is off! Boo-yak-a-sha!

After my trip to the Hospital this morning cast number 2 is no more. 4 weeks on, 60 seconds to take off.

What am I left with?

An Achilles tendon that is on the mend! The Calf was squeezed, and the foot moved. You have no idea how glad I was to see that. I was pretty on edge after the cast came off, the hospital was manic, and I had about 30 minutes before I was seen by the Doc. You always think the worst. But he seemed pleased. He’s not one for emotion my Doctor.

A skinny leg, not as bad as I though, but I’d guess it’s a third down on the other one.

A skinny  leg with matted, sweaty leg hair – fetching. Form a queue ladies.

And an Air Cast Boot. I AM ROBOCOP!

Now this is a strange sensation, my foot is on the floor for the first time in 5 weeks, the first time it touched the floor every natural reaction in my body was like WTF?!! But the nice lady who fitted me up with it told it will feel strange, she wasn’t lying.

I have a 4 cm heel raise block in the boot, so it’s a bit like walking on a high heel, not too bad when I’m wearing trainers, but in bear feet (foot?) one leg is a fair bit longer than the other. the hips will have to adjust. again.

It came complete with a spare sock, and pump, now being a chap this was pretty impressive. technology. Even more like RoboCop.

I never had a pair of Reebok Pumps – but this is kinda close.

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