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So today was check in day with my Doc and after two ultrasounds and two MRI’s he was happy to let me take another block out (again) which leave me almost at 90┬░… I won’t lie there was a since of relief washed over me as I exited the Hospital. Even though I know I’m not out of the woods, the last few weeks (months? I loose track now) where pretty up and down. Getting scans, waiting for results of scans, has been the worst part of this injury… it’s very odd knowing that when you get a scan it should give an answer, but it I’ve learned it’s not always the case.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, and think too positive as I know there’s still a fair bit to go, but at least now I feel like I can move on to the final stage of recovery. Sure there’s a chance it could go again, but I feel now like I’ve earned the right to forget about that for a bit (as much as you can) and just see what happens.

So I have one block left, along with the blue block I will wear in my shoe when I get to that stage. The Doc did say I could wear two blocks in my shoe if I was worried, it was at that stage last time when I heard the dreaded ‘pop’… but I’ll see how I get on when I get there.

So I head to the physio tomorrow morning, but I think until I get down to the final block she might not let me do too much. Then back to see the Doc in two weeks time to get the last block out and see what comes next.

I bumped into a guy who the last time I saw him in a hospital had a full cage round his leg after a nasty break, he was now out of the cage, walking well, and a good few months off being back to normal again, but it was good to see him back in action… it’s funny there’s a little group of cast/crutch buddies you meet when you’re a regular in the hospital, nice to see them getting on and getting healthy.

What the hell I’m going to chuck one of these in… ­čÖé


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That’s the new thing, along with single leg heel raises and a new colour of Thera-Band – black is the new light blue

Yes it was physio time again this morning, and all’s good. My physio seems happy, still no pain and a few new exercises to do. I tried my best to see if I could get out of the cast in two weeks time, but alas no, looks like I’m in for 3 to 4 more weeks, not great news but I’ve been in it so long now another couple of weeks won’t matter.

I can now go full weight bearing in my cast, which is good, although it’s not the most flexible so long distance might still need a crutch. Most of the time the spare hand will be…erm… handy.

Back again in a couple of week, and I have to bring both trainers, so that should be progress, I have a wedding to go to on the 12th July so I’m aiming to get into shoes for a least a few hours by then.

Once I’m into shoes I can start going to the gym in the hospital twice a week for six weeks to get the leg fully back in the game.

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I have to take my first flight (ever) in a cast on Wednesday night, not a long flight, about an hour. The airport (Gatwick) and Easyjet say traveling with a cast and crutches is fine, I’m sure it will be, they offered me a wheel chair, but I┬ápolitely┬ádeclined the offer. Nice of them though.

I’ll write a post about what happens.

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I’ve been in my Air Cast Boot for 5 hours now.

Here’s my first impressions.

First off I was told I can take it off occasionally, to have a bath, if I’m relaxing, sleeping, so far I haven’t. I’m too scared.

This will pass I’m sure, and for the next couple of weeks I want to keep it on as much as possible. The last thing I want is to go back to square one.

I’ve done a bit of walking, it goes without saying I still need the crutches, I guess I will for a good few weeks yet. Putting my foot on the floor is bliss though, I still balance on the other leg, but being able to steady yourself and use two hands properly is pretty special.

Walking is odd, as I have a 4cm block at the heel, and a massive plastic boot on my foot. It’s hard to tell if you’re leg is┬á even touching the ground, let alone putting any weight on it, but it’s early days.

It’s heavy, I now have to start from scratch on the best ways to sit, stand, lie down, have a poo. After 4 weeks in the last cast I thought I was winning, the system worked. Now I am on the hunt for a new one.

My body has a mind of it’s own. I was washing my hands in the bathroom, leg still in the air, muscle memory I guess.

It’s toasty warm. Great if it was December. But it’s not it’s May, and a heat wave is coming – weather man if you’re ever going to be wrong, let it be now. Nice and sunny I can cope with, sweat running down the side of my cast I can do without.

I’ll just ask myself ‘What would RoboCop do?’

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Is off! Boo-yak-a-sha!

After my trip to the Hospital this morning cast number 2 is no more. 4 weeks on, 60 seconds to take off.

What am I left with?

An Achilles tendon that is on the mend! The Calf was squeezed, and the foot moved. You have no idea how glad I was to see that. I was pretty on edge after the cast came off, the hospital was manic, and I had about 30 minutes before I was seen by the Doc. You always think the worst. But he seemed pleased. He’s not one for emotion my Doctor.

A skinny leg, not as bad as I though, but I’d guess it’s a third down on the other one.

A skinny┬á leg with matted, sweaty leg hair – fetching. Form a queue ladies.

And an Air Cast Boot. I AM ROBOCOP!

Now this is a strange sensation, my foot is on the floor for the first time in 5 weeks, the first time it touched the floor every natural reaction in my body was like WTF?!! But the nice lady who fitted me up with it told it will feel strange, she wasn’t lying.

I have a 4 cm heel raise block in the boot, so it’s a bit like walking on a high heel, not too bad when I’m wearing trainers, but in bear feet (foot?) one leg is a fair bit longer than the other. the hips will have to adjust. again.

It came complete with a spare sock, and pump, now being a chap this was pretty impressive. technology. Even more like RoboCop.

I never had a pair of Reebok Pumps – but this is kinda close.

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