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So today was the day the physio put me back into two shoes. After nearly six months (my ATR happened on the 11th of April) I took my first steps in a pair of Nike Air’s. Of course I have heel raises in both shoes, and two crutch on my journey up and down the hospital gym but I can cope with that.

It was odd, I was elated, I was scared, I was more perplexed that I had to think about walking. It’s like breathing, it’s just something you do. I guess the last time I had to think about it I was one year old… and then I didn’t know what thinking was, let alone walking.

But all went well, the physio was happy that my walking was good and I was using the leg, all I had to watch out for was how I was standing and that my hips were level, obviously human nature is to take more weight on your good leg, but that is a no no. I did about ten lengths of the gym, no pain the the tendon, a little discomfort in the ankle joint that hasn’t moved much in the last while, but I have to say all good. I asked what next, do I use the Air Cast going round and do a bit without it and I was told no, just use the two crutches and get rid of it as soon as possible. I had to put it back on as I couldn’t carry it, and then I had to catch a flight home tonight so it stayed on for a trip through the airport as it’s too much walking too soon (and too slow).

When I got to my folk house I did a bit of walking about which my Mum and the long suffering other half were please to see, and it felt pretty good. I bit of a very slight twinge, but that’s my paranoia kicking in I’d imagine as much as anything else.

I’ve got a weekend of wedding prep ahead of me, so I’ll have to take it easy and the boot well be coming in the car with me in case there is a lot of walking to be done, but I was told to got for a walk tomorrow and get used to it… scary and exciting times.

So again I know I’m a long way off, but it’s not very long ago that today seemed like a long way off, but God willing I’ll get there… in two shoes!



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Quick one this, because lets face it me telling people about sleeping is dull as ditch water.

Night two was a 100% better, less worried about my Achilles. Woke at 4 something, quick turn over, dead to the world till 8am.

My foot is still as bloated as drug smugglers rectum mind you.

One for the family album…

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Not right now anyhow.

After a day of walking round the flat a little I decided that I was going to venture a little further afield. To buy moisturiser for the other half. I know that sounds odd, but I need a mission, and that was what I chose, so I set off crutches in hand, Air Cast boot completing the outfit and make it to the end of the road and back, not far about 200m, but it was actually OK. I didn’t put too much weight on my leg, my brain won’t let me, and I’m not supposed to, it was still a good upper body workout, the best thing about crutches.

It’s early days. But it feels likes progress. Massive progress.

It heated up inside that boot (I have crazy body temperature) so being able to undo the front and let some air in was bliss.

Onwards, and upwards.

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First night’s sleep without a cast in 5 weeks should of been bliss, but it was a nerve-racking experience. Felt very strange taking off my cast, and getting into bed, my precious Achilles tendon exposed to the elements. I awoke at 4.32 stiff as board, my body mustn’t of moved an inch, but I was all in once piece. A few more restless hours (because I wound myself up, not through any pain) and I’d made it to morning.

Quick shower cast back on and into day two. Already I’m more mobile and everything seems a bit easier.

Bring on the weekend.

And if you can sleep in an Air Cast Boot you’re a better man/woman than I am.

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