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Small foam block that is… Doc today and another block was taken out, so that gets me flat in the old Aircast. Little bit daunting as it was at this stage last time I had my ‘set back’, but my leg feels 100% different than at this stage than last time, much stronger, much more like a ‘normal’ leg.

So I’m back to see the Doc in a month, so it’s now over to my Physio to get me out of the Aircast in the next couple of weeks!

Again the light seems a little bit closer, I know there’s still work to do, and I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I’m moving in the right direction.

Which is good, cos my Aircast now smells so bad it could walk by on it’s own… I was offerend a new one, but I’m sticking with it, we’ve been through a lot together… albeit slowly.


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This morning I went if for a check up with my Doc, I waited patiently (no pun intended) and then someone else appeared and started asking me all about my ATR. I was a bit taken aback if I’m honest and when she asked me to walk on it I was like ‘hang on, who the f**k are you?!’ (in my head of course) thankfully my Doc then appeared and I was spared from whoever it was who was clearly very keen. I’m too far along now not to be dealing with people who don’t know what they are doing. I know everyone has to learn some place, but this time, not on me.

Rant over.

My Doc had a look over me, said there might still be a slight gap in the tendon lower down the leg, so that could be something to keep an eye on, I told him I was going for an MRI in the afternoon and he said that’s good, they had stopped a bit short on the last MRI (why are people telling me this now I thought) so higher up the leg, to the calf muscle, will give a full picture. I have to believe that if my Doc was worried he’d do something about it, but I also know a lot of the ATR treatment is ‘suck it and see’ which I guess is where the human body and science meet on the other side.

So no blocks out of the boot this week which was a bit disappointing, but what’s an extra week at this stage. I’ll see him again next week, so at least I don’t have to wait two weeks this time, where he said a block will probably come out. All in all if this goes OK, it would seem another 4 weeks in the Aircast.

On the bus back I met a guy who had fractured his pelvis, and that seems a lot less ‘fun’ than an ART, he did it in Croatia, spent five days lying in hospital over there, Air Ambulance home, operation, and now has to do three months with out any weight on one leg. That is hard work. Cruthes are a pain, they don’t hate me as much as they used to, but they won’t be sending me a Christmas card put it that way.

On a lighter note when I was lying looking up at the MRI for twenty minuets it dosen’t half feel like you are being squatted over by a giant man with his trousers down. I’ll leave you with that one.

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That’s what I’ll be… or so I was told by my nice Irish physio named Kat. So I’ve got an Irish mammy, Irish other half, and Irish physio all telling my what to do. I feel right at home.

So where am I now then? Well, it seems to be OK, pretty uneventful and that’s the way I like it. Since the last visit to the physio I’ve had one block in the Aircast boot taken out, been doing my exercises and massaging my tendon everyday and it seems to be working. My physio was happy that the tendon had loosened up, the scar tissue is taking shape, starting to form in what will become a shiny new tendon (are tendons shiny?). She had a look at my MRI and said it all looks ‘good’ and is in one piece, but as she said, she’s not the expert on reading scans. After my recent experience I’m not sure who is, they are tricky things it would seem.

My leg and foot feel better than ever, and although I’m still looking at around another five weeks in the Aircast it’s getting there. The summer in the UK has been a right off so I haven’t missed much… roll on a scorcher of a November I say!

The tough bit of the physio was she asked me to put less weight through the crutches and more on the Leg/Aircast to get some strength into it. So far that’s harder than it seems, by this stage the natural reaction is to use my arms, I don’t have ‘the fear’ after the ‘almost re-rupture’ or whatever it was, it’s just tough to get your brain to do something new after so long. Around the house I can use one crutch again, which is great, although I’m still up a bit high on blocks in the Aircast to make it ‘comfortable’.

Up next is a trip to the Doc on Wednesday where, with a bit of luck I’ll get another block out.

In other news, my day job was looking for redundancies so I took voluntary which is handy, I now have some time off to get healthy and avoid dragging myself round London in the rain on crutches. Second time round it was much less ‘fun’.

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Just a little post on my love of my Aircast boot, we’ve been together a little while now (9 ish weeks) and I have to say what a great invention it is. My first cast was over the knee and I hated it, second was standard affair and it did the job… but then the Aircast arrived and everything get a bit more ‘normal’. Just being able to put your foot on the ground, sleep cast free, have a shower cast free, have a bath cast free make you feel like you are getting you life back. It’s taken me on buses, trains an airplanes without a hitch. In the early days being able to let the air out of it I still felt safe in a cast but it gave me a bit more comfort.

I think even when I had my set back the Aircast might of even saved me from going back to square one… who knows.

We’re still going to be together for a while, and it’s all getting a bit tired and smelly but it’s a bit of an old friend by now.

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So it’s 3 weeks since I had the scare on my ATR and I’ve started back doing round II of physio as my leg feels good. I’m not doing heel raises or anything that involves me standing on my leg, I’m not nervous about it, but I’m seeing my doctor next Wednesday and my physio on Thursday so I’ll wait until they say I can go back.

If I’m honest I was going to stop doing any physio until I see my doctor again but it’s so frustrating watching / feeling my foot stiffen up again from lack of movement so after two and bit weeks I had to do something. I’m not pushing my luck (I hope) as if I’d felt anything abnormal I’d of stopped and I took it very,very lightly to start with.

I will admit I was paranoid when I went back to work on my two crutches, every twinge was a worry. Most of it was being back on the high blocks in the Aircast boot, my knees ached, my good leg and foot ached, my body just getting used to another new (old) position to cope with.

It’s funny the fear of it re-rupturing is going, I know it could still happen and I will take it easier than I did the last time, but I guess you just have to get back up on the horse achilles tendon.

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Not much going on, but being back on the blocks (3) in the Aircast makes lots of joints ache again that had just stopped aching from the last time I put them through this. But that’s about all I can find to moan about, so I can’t complain… even though I just did… kind of.

I’ve started doing a bit of physio again after resting up for two weeks, and so far it hasn’t taken long to get my foot moving again, it’s not quite back to where it was, but it’s not far off. I don’t want to push it too hard and lets be honest I’m a bit of a wuss.

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…and a wedding.

Not too much too report to be honest right now, I’m still on two crutches and keeping most of the weight off my leg. Still no physio, but my leg feels pretty good, and hasn’t locked up as much  as I though it would, I’s guess I’ve still got 70-80% of the movement in it I had when I was doing physio. So not all bad.

I had to go back to Belfast for a wedding at the weekend, so another trott through airports, this time I ended up getting a ride in one of those little electric karts they have, my other half loved it, I wasn’t so keen. Again all very easy, the not being albe to check in online is the only thing that is a bit of bugger.

I was grooms man at the wedding so, a fair bit of standing about (I did as little as I could) I did end up with a crazy bump on the front of my leg after it mind you, but that’s gone after a couple of days. Where? who knows.

I will say I’m still pretty bored, as there is now nothing to do but wait for my ultra sound and then my next vist to the doc in 12 days, 9 hours and 33 minuets. Not that I’m counting.

Aircast Boot, you’ve been a good friend, but I can wait for the day I get to turn you into a plant pot.

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