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…and a wedding.

Not too much too report to be honest right now, I’m still on two crutches and keeping most of the weight off my leg. Still no physio, but my leg feels pretty good, and hasn’t locked up as much  as I though it would, I’s guess I’ve still got 70-80% of the movement in it I had when I was doing physio. So not all bad.

I had to go back to Belfast for a wedding at the weekend, so another trott through airports, this time I ended up getting a ride in one of those little electric karts they have, my other half loved it, I wasn’t so keen. Again all very easy, the not being albe to check in online is the only thing that is a bit of bugger.

I was grooms man at the wedding so, a fair bit of standing about (I did as little as I could) I did end up with a crazy bump on the front of my leg after it mind you, but that’s gone after a couple of days. Where? who knows.

I will say I’m still pretty bored, as there is now nothing to do but wait for my ultra sound and then my next vist to the doc in 12 days, 9 hours and 33 minuets. Not that I’m counting.

Aircast Boot, you’ve been a good friend, but I can wait for the day I get to turn you into a plant pot.


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I don’t care if it’s not PC. So far the only people who have failed to notice that I was on crutches and just pushed in infront of me are F**KING ITALIAN TOURISTS. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect people to do anything for me, I’m well able to get around and look after myself, but people do, they’ve all been very kind, helpful and polite even when I’m sure I must of got in the way.

Take your oversized sunglasses and matching shinny puffa jackets and f**k right off back to Italy.


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So I flew home last night, and I have to say traveling with crutches and a cast through Gatwick airport and on Easyjet couldn’t of been easier. I arrived early enough that I didn’t have to rush round the place (like I could anyhow) and that was when I hit my only minor hitch. The mono rail link between the north and south terminal was down so I had a bit of a trek to get to the shuttle bus. I arrived at the Easyjet desk and they put me into the special assistance section (I declined the wheel chair) so I could get on before the rush.

Next was onto security, I put my bag and crutches through the scanner, and hobbled through the scanner. Not a BEEP, even in my Aircast boot, I was told they would have to swab my cast (for drugs / explosives I assume) but I took a seat and removed my cast so they could send it through the scanner. Again they couldn’t of been nicer, even when the had to pad down my sweaty, sock covered leg.

I arrived at the gate and made my way to the plane, on my way I was informed that they had a seat reserved for me. The air stewardess was guarding the front seats and that was for little old me, the bit of extra leg room was bliss. I took my seat and let the air out of my boot and sat back for my hour flight to Belfast.

When I arrived on the other side I let the plane clear and was just about to hobble down the stairs, but there was a wheel chair user on board so I got a free ride down to the ground in the lift. I was offered a wheel chair, again I politely declined, and made my way to the terminal building. Easy.

My Mum and Dad were there to collect me, my Mum was a bit teary to see here little boy on crutches, I’m 33 but still her baby.

The return leg begins on Saturday afternoon.

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