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Small foam block that is… Doc today and another block was taken out, so that gets me flat in the old Aircast. Little bit daunting as it was at this stage last time I had my ‘set back’, but my leg feels 100% different than at this stage than last time, much stronger, much more like a ‘normal’ leg.

So I’m back to see the Doc in a month, so it’s now over to my Physio to get me out of the Aircast in the next couple of weeks!

Again the light seems a little bit closer, I know there’s still work to do, and I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I’m moving in the right direction.

Which is good, cos my Aircast now smells so bad it could walk by on it’s own… I was offerend a new one, but I’m sticking with it, we’ve been through a lot together… albeit slowly.


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So today was check in day with my Doc and after two ultrasounds and two MRI’s he was happy to let me take another block out (again) which leave me almost at 90°… I won’t lie there was a since of relief washed over me as I exited the Hospital. Even though I know I’m not out of the woods, the last few weeks (months? I loose track now) where pretty up and down. Getting scans, waiting for results of scans, has been the worst part of this injury… it’s very odd knowing that when you get a scan it should give an answer, but it I’ve learned it’s not always the case.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, and think too positive as I know there’s still a fair bit to go, but at least now I feel like I can move on to the final stage of recovery. Sure there’s a chance it could go again, but I feel now like I’ve earned the right to forget about that for a bit (as much as you can) and just see what happens.

So I have one block left, along with the blue block I will wear in my shoe when I get to that stage. The Doc did say I could wear two blocks in my shoe if I was worried, it was at that stage last time when I heard the dreaded ‘pop’… but I’ll see how I get on when I get there.

So I head to the physio tomorrow morning, but I think until I get down to the final block she might not let me do too much. Then back to see the Doc in two weeks time to get the last block out and see what comes next.

I bumped into a guy who the last time I saw him in a hospital had a full cage round his leg after a nasty break, he was now out of the cage, walking well, and a good few months off being back to normal again, but it was good to see him back in action… it’s funny there’s a little group of cast/crutch buddies you meet when you’re a regular in the hospital, nice to see them getting on and getting healthy.

What the hell I’m going to chuck one of these in… 🙂

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Not much going on, but being back on the blocks (3) in the Aircast makes lots of joints ache again that had just stopped aching from the last time I put them through this. But that’s about all I can find to moan about, so I can’t complain… even though I just did… kind of.

I’ve started doing a bit of physio again after resting up for two weeks, and so far it hasn’t taken long to get my foot moving again, it’s not quite back to where it was, but it’s not far off. I don’t want to push it too hard and lets be honest I’m a bit of a wuss.

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