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So today was my first trip into work in two shoes… I had my two crutches to say ‘get out the way… clumsy guy coming through’ and I did get a cab in and a cab home, not brave enough for public transport just yet. But I have to say all was good, I think I’m putting a bit more weight on the leg, and trying to stand with my hips even but by the end of the day I was tired, they leg ached a bit and the odd little twinge here and there, but I guess that’s to be expected after a spell of of action.

So onto day two out in the big bad world tomorrow, next stop with the physio is on Thursday, see what that brings.


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So today was the day the physio put me back into two shoes. After nearly six months (my ATR happened on the 11th of April) I took my first steps in a pair of Nike Air’s. Of course I have heel raises in both shoes, and two crutch on my journey up and down the hospital gym but I can cope with that.

It was odd, I was elated, I was scared, I was more perplexed that I had to think about walking. It’s like breathing, it’s just something you do. I guess the last time I had to think about it I was one year old… and then I didn’t know what thinking was, let alone walking.

But all went well, the physio was happy that my walking was good and I was using the leg, all I had to watch out for was how I was standing and that my hips were level, obviously human nature is to take more weight on your good leg, but that is a no no. I did about ten lengths of the gym, no pain the the tendon, a little discomfort in the ankle joint that hasn’t moved much in the last while, but I have to say all good. I asked what next, do I use the Air Cast going round and do a bit without it and I was told no, just use the two crutches and get rid of it as soon as possible. I had to put it back on as I couldn’t carry it, and then I had to catch a flight home tonight so it stayed on for a trip through the airport as it’s too much walking too soon (and too slow).

When I got to my folk house I did a bit of walking about which my Mum and the long suffering other half were please to see, and it felt pretty good. I bit of a very slight twinge, but that’s my paranoia kicking in I’d imagine as much as anything else.

I’ve got a weekend of wedding prep ahead of me, so I’ll have to take it easy and the boot well be coming in the car with me in case there is a lot of walking to be done, but I was told to got for a walk tomorrow and get used to it… scary and exciting times.

So again I know I’m a long way off, but it’s not very long ago that today seemed like a long way off, but God willing I’ll get there… in two shoes!


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One thing I’ve learned is I now look at the world slightly differently. For example if a pretty lady walks past me on the street, it’s not so much a case of ‘Look at the (insert lady part here) on that’… but more a case of ‘O nice intact achilles’

I’ve changed.

I walk (ish) past Gwyenth Paltrow the other day. Did I see her? No. I was looking at the pavement as I crutched my way along. Bugger.

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So it’s 3 weeks since I had the scare on my ATR and I’ve started back doing round II of physio as my leg feels good. I’m not doing heel raises or anything that involves me standing on my leg, I’m not nervous about it, but I’m seeing my doctor next Wednesday and my physio on Thursday so I’ll wait until they say I can go back.

If I’m honest I was going to stop doing any physio until I see my doctor again but it’s so frustrating watching / feeling my foot stiffen up again from lack of movement so after two and bit weeks I had to do something. I’m not pushing my luck (I hope) as if I’d felt anything abnormal I’d of stopped and I took it very,very lightly to start with.

I will admit I was paranoid when I went back to work on my two crutches, every twinge was a worry. Most of it was being back on the high blocks in the Aircast boot, my knees ached, my good leg and foot ached, my body just getting used to another new (old) position to cope with.

It’s funny the fear of it re-rupturing is going, I know it could still happen and I will take it easier than I did the last time, but I guess you just have to get back up on the horse achilles tendon.

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The crutches are rocking hazard tape yellow and black at the moment, my favorite look so far I think.


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…and a wedding.

Not too much too report to be honest right now, I’m still on two crutches and keeping most of the weight off my leg. Still no physio, but my leg feels pretty good, and hasn’t locked up as much  as I though it would, I’s guess I’ve still got 70-80% of the movement in it I had when I was doing physio. So not all bad.

I had to go back to Belfast for a wedding at the weekend, so another trott through airports, this time I ended up getting a ride in one of those little electric karts they have, my other half loved it, I wasn’t so keen. Again all very easy, the not being albe to check in online is the only thing that is a bit of bugger.

I was grooms man at the wedding so, a fair bit of standing about (I did as little as I could) I did end up with a crazy bump on the front of my leg after it mind you, but that’s gone after a couple of days. Where? who knows.

I will say I’m still pretty bored, as there is now nothing to do but wait for my ultra sound and then my next vist to the doc in 12 days, 9 hours and 33 minuets. Not that I’m counting.

Aircast Boot, you’ve been a good friend, but I can wait for the day I get to turn you into a plant pot.

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When he did the Thompson test on me this moring and my foot twitched. I didn’t, we don’t have that kind fo a relationship. His loss.

After last weeks ‘glitch’ where I heard a ‘POP’ and by stomach turned, I have  spent the last 5 days fearing the worst. Today I went back to the hospital to find out what the verdict was. And it was all good news as far as I was concerned, yes I have set myself back a few weeks, but at least it’s not months, so I’m very happy.

He examined my tendon and it’s in one piece, looked over my Ultrasound I had done and said that was ok and seemed normal. What about the ‘POP’ I asked? It could of been the tendon he said, but it could of been my heel, in fact he seemed to think it probably was. Lots of stuff has been lying dormant down there, not just the achilles. Having never had this injury before (thankfully) I, like most people, am learning as I go… slowly.

I’m back on blocks in my Aircast boot and back on two crutches, but I don’t mind. I have to rest my achilles for two weeks, then I get another Ultrasound and a check up back in with my doc. From then I can see if I can start back into physio. My doc even shock my hand, I think he was worried it re-ruptured, I’m sure it’s no fun breaking that news to someone.

So I consider myself a very luck boy, and this has been a bit of a warning shot across the bows. I don’t think I pushed myself too hard, but next time round I’ll give things a bit more time, and take it a bit slower. I’m sure starting back to walking FWB will be squeaky bum time – but I won’t worry about that now.

Over the last few days I’ve driven myself mad preparing myself for the worst – GET BEHIND ME SATAN GOOGLE! And yet again I was shown that everyone is different and no two injuries are the same. To give an example according to Google if your leg fails a Thompson test you tendon is gone, but, and this is a pretty f**king bit but as far as I’m concerned, of the three doctors who saw me the first two said I failed the Thompson Test, my doc (the specialist) got my leg to pass it first go. I’m not knocking the first two I saw, one was in A&E (and was great and those poor guys have to be a jack of all injuries) and the other wasn’t an achilles expert. It does go to show, as hard as it is to do sometimes, you have to get ALL the facts in front of  you before you can see what’s up.

Thanks again for you thoughts and prayers it was very much appreciated – good luck with your injuries and STAY OFF GOOGLE!

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