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So A quick update, I’m a few days into my exercises and it seems to be going well. I’ve had my foot raised a lot for the last few days and the swelling is pretty much gone as far as I can tell and my foot / ankle is much more flexible. The last of the five sets each day are tougher as everything locks up a bit, but I’ve started soaking my foot in a hot bath, to get some heat into it, loosen it up each night and that helps.

So far I’m pretty impressed at how much movement is coming back, I know I’m still a long way off but it’s nice to see and feel progress.

My next trip back to the hospital is Wednesday to get my heel block in my Air Cast Boot dropped for 4cm to 2 cm, and then a trip back on Thursday for my second visit to Physio.

Onwards, upwards, sideways, back and forth, left and right, round and round etc.


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Day three of the excersies given to me by the physio and so far, so good. Everything’s loosening up a bit, although by round five it’s tough, my body doesn’t like that game no more.

The toes are back in the game people. Is it a wiggle or a struggle? Bit of both, but those piggies dancing, well it’s a sight to behold.

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I got a gift, a large piece of blue rubber band. I hope it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Today was the first trip to physio, 6 weeks after my achilles rupture. My physio is great, really helpful, nice to have someone to ask all the questions that I had built up, don’t get me wrong my doctor is great, but he’s all business. I was given a list of exercises which I have to do 5 times a day, calf, knee, ankle – nothing escapes. Apart from the pool of sweat I left for my poor physio, it was all good.

The first time I had to do them on my own I was sick in my stomach, to be honest I’ve felt the same the second, third and fourth times as well, but I’m sure it will pass. One exercise envolves me sitting, putting my foot flat on the floor, and sliding it back towards me. This was a squeaky bum moment, foot on the floor for the first time properly, waiting for a ‘pop’.

So far my foot and leg at the moment aren’t really into this moving thing, but it’s early days and all that.

Next trip back to the Hospital is on Wednesday to get the heel block in my air cast boot cut down from 4cm to 2cm, no idea how that will go. Then a trip to the Physio on Thursday for more elastic band based fun times.

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