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One leg heel raises are on a leg with a recently ruptured achilles are a ………………..(insert swear word of your choice here)

My little old leg ain’t what it used to be, and these really show that, doing just 20 of them is pretty hard core. I don’t have any fear of hurting my achilles, which is good, I just don’y have the power in my leg yet to do them with out swearing out loud.

My calf is coming round after only a few days, I can feel the tension in it and it no longer swings about to it’s hearts content.


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OK so after the ‘having a leg like a little old man’ moment I had I am into day 2 of the exercises the physion gave me.

Here’s briefly what I have to do. Please don’t do any of these without asking your Physio first.

1: Toes back and forward (x 15) Simple, I have to sit on the bed, feet over the edge and try and move my foot toward me and away from me.

2: Rotate my foot (x15) 5 times one way, five time the other way.

3: Calf stretches with rubber band (x5) pull my foot back toward me using the band, hold for 10 seconds.

4: Side of foot lift (x15) feet on the floor, life one side of my foot off the floor, then the other.

5: Point foot in, then out (x15) try and turn my foot in then out.

6: Foot slide (x15) foot placed on the floor, then slide my heel back toward me, foot flat on the floor through out, repeat.

7: Kneed down (x10) sit flat on the bed and push the back of my knee down onto the bed and hold.

8: Leg lifts (x10) rolled up towel under my knee, life my leg up , toes back toward me, and hold for 5 seconds, lower slowly.

9: Tow wiggles (through out the day) along with moving the foot.

Even on day 2 I can feel a bit of a difference, my foot is loosening up, and keeping it raised is bringing the swelling down and make it more mobile.

I still have the leg of a little old man, but that’s a battle for another day.

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