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Today I hit the gym, well slightly tweaked it. Off for my first secession at the Hospital gym, twice a week for the next 6 to 8 weeks. A bit of out of breath static bike, followed by some out of breath trampet, followed by some out of breath cross trainer, out of breath weights and some off balance out of breath wobble board.

I have to say in the year (ish) since I was last in a gym my dislike has not vanished. But what can I do.

Even after one sesson I notice a bit of difference, and I know I have to do this last bit of physio properly, no point slacking now. O but how I want to.

By the way the gym I was in thankfully was the exact opposite of the pic.


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So A quick update, I’m a few days into my exercises and it seems to be going well. I’ve had my foot raised a lot for the last few days and the swelling is pretty much gone as far as I can tell and my foot / ankle is much more flexible. The last of the five sets each day are tougher as everything locks up a bit, but I’ve started soaking my foot in a hot bath, to get some heat into it, loosen it up each night and that helps.

So far I’m pretty impressed at how much movement is coming back, I know I’m still a long way off but it’s nice to see and feel progress.

My next trip back to the hospital is Wednesday to get my heel block in my Air Cast Boot dropped for 4cm to 2 cm, and then a trip back on Thursday for my second visit to Physio.

Onwards, upwards, sideways, back and forth, left and right, round and round etc.

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