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I arrived at the hospital this morning for my check up, signed in at the desk, and found a seat. I went for the seating area with the most people on crutches. We need to stick together.

The guy beside me ask me what I’ve done, turns out he’s just torn his Achilles, we chatted for half hour on what I’ve been up to, good bits, bad bits (I have become an Achilles bore I fear. It was strange talking to someone just staring out on the road to recovery, but made me see how far I’ve come, very therapeutic to be able to tell someone else it won’t be as bad as you think it’s going to be. It was strange answers those questions I’d beens asking when I was clueless at the start.

Nice guy, hope his road to recovery is an easy one.

One heals, another one tears I guess.




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Today I watched the channel 4 documentary 24 Hours in A&E.

Brilliant. Sad. Uplifting.

You have to take your hat off to the staff and the job the do. I couldn’t. It was strange watching it in my current state, I don’t have much experience with hospitals thank God and when I went in after my Achilles gave in (I went to The Royal Free in Hampstead by the way) the people a met couldn’t of done more for me.

It was strange seeing how life and death can be so close.

It made me realise how lucky I am. As the guy who did my ultrasound said ‘You’re not sick, this is mechanical. We can fix that.’

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