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So this week I went back to the physio on Friday (my last vist with her which is a shame, she was a lot of help, but she’s moving back to Dublin so it will be all change) I am now booked into vist the gym in the hospital three time a week (I have to attend at least two a week). I will be working on my balance on a balance board, using the trampet, stationary bike and cross trainer. I still can’t get these damn blocks out of my shoes until I see the doc on February 8th though!

I’ve started back into pyhsio as of today and the last couple of days have been spent walking round London, something that I haven’t done in a loooong time! It was tough going, sore legs, sore feet and in the end, a sore hip from limping a little, but it was nice to get out and about.


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So it’s all kicked off in London with a bunch of dickheads deciding to burn and loot all round them, thankfully I’ve been well away from it. Camden got a bit of trouble, but nothing like some people had to put up with. My thoughts are with people who have lost homes and business because some thugs want new Nike’s.

I’ve been glues to 24 hour news for the last few days and at times forgot that my leg isin’t working, but then the ‘clunk’ of the Aircast reminds me. Physio is getting everything a loosened up, tomorrow I can’t start back to heel raises (scary stuff again) and I visit the physio on Thursday morning to see if I can get back to a full physio routine. Still up on 4 blocks so it still a bit awkward to get around, but lest face it I’ve had plenty of practice! MRI scan on Sunday so see what that brings… nothing I hope.

If you live in London (or anywhere else the ‘protestors’ are kicking off) I hope you’re safe and look after yourself.

**Forgot the crutch feet part… I’ve been on them so long I’ve worn out two of them. Off to ebay I headed to get a new pair.**

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I’m a bit of a trainer head. Most of my collection has remained unworn since I ruptured my achilles, and of the ones that did get laced up, only one half of them got to see any action. I’d promised myself a new pair, something to look forward to when I finally get out of my cast and today I made it out for my first proper bit of shopping in 3 months. I made it through Oxford Circus, Soho (Foot Patrol), Regents Street, Tottenham Court Road and a stop off in Camden, the leg was good, I took one crutch with me, but that will go once I take out another heel block on Tuesday night.

Fingers crossed I will be sporting a pair of Air Max 1’s (courtesy of the better half) and Air Max Skylines sometime soon.

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