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So I’ve been having a go at walking with this one crutch malarkey for a couple of days now, and so far so good. Don’t get me wrong I’m as slow as week, but it’s the puppies danglers to be able to carry a cup of a tea. I now realise how much weight I was still taking on my arms (well wrists and hands) even when I was PWB in my Air Cast Boot, that’s probably not a bad thing, but it’s so much easier on the one hand and wrist I do use when I’m on one crutch. I’ve been up and down the road a couple of times (probably about 200m-300m) it’s still kinda slow going, but it’s progress. I do bring my other crutch with me in case it gets too much (the long suffering other half has to caddy) but I haven’t needed it so far. Have to admit the first time I came up against a kerb there was a moment of ‘how do I do this?’ but with a bit of hopping I made it onto the next obstacle.

In other news I’m still ploughing on with my exercises and everything is loosing up, new muscles are starting to come out of hibernation and remind me they haven’t been up to much in a while.


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Another boring photo of a significant moment, this is the first cup of tea I have carried in nearly two months. Even the carpet survived.

My flask has served me well, but it’s days might just be numbered…

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So yesterday was my second physio visit, nice bunch at the Physiotherapy department at the Royal Free, even nicer when they say “That looks likes a new foot”

I’ve been good, I did my exercises, kept it elevated to get the swelling down, hot baths where I moved my foot in the water, even moisturized my foot to loosen up the skin which gets pretty tight. I’ve also been lucky, as I haven’t had any pain, I gather there can be a bit at this stage.

And my reward?

I got to walk with one crutch up and down the corridor, pretty weird, I didn’t know you use the crutch on the side of your good foot, took a while for my head to work that out, but went OK, no pain.

Heel raises on two feet, stomach turning stuff the first time, strange to have my bare feet on the floor, but great all the same. I have to do theses at least twice a day standing at the kitchen counter, along with transferring weight from one foot to the other. I still have to take some of the weight with my arms mind you.

So there you go, feels like progress, long way to go, might be in shoes in 3 or 4 weeks.

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