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Today I hit the gym, well slightly tweaked it. Off for my first secession at the Hospital gym, twice a week for the next 6 to 8 weeks. A bit of out of breath static bike, followed by some out of breath trampet, followed by some out of breath cross trainer, out of breath weights and some off balance out of breath wobble board.

I have to say in the year (ish) since I was last in a gym my dislike has not vanished. But what can I do.

Even after one sesson I notice a bit of difference, and I know I have to do this last bit of physio properly, no point slacking now. O but how I want to.

By the way the gym I was in thankfully was the exact opposite of the pic.


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So this week I went back to the physio on Friday (my last vist with her which is a shame, she was a lot of help, but she’s moving back to Dublin so it will be all change) I am now booked into vist the gym in the hospital three time a week (I have to attend at least two a week). I will be working on my balance on a balance board, using the trampet, stationary bike and cross trainer. I still can’t get these damn blocks out of my shoes until I see the doc on February 8th though!

I’ve started back into pyhsio as of today and the last couple of days have been spent walking round London, something that I haven’t done in a loooong time! It was tough going, sore legs, sore feet and in the end, a sore hip from limping a little, but it was nice to get out and about.

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Today was a physio day… not only did my physio do some tissue massage where I think she was trying to kill me, she put me on one crutch! It’s been a long time coming, and it’s slow going now it’s here, but it’s great to have a free hand. I’ve been walking round work and in the flat with out crutches, but I’m a good boy and they’ve been ever present outdoors. It’s only took me 7 months and 1 day to get ride of one of them.

It would seem now that I won’t get hydro therapy as there is a big back log, and I’m walking well without it, so I don’t need it. I’m now back for three more physio secessions in the next two weeks before I go off to get married for a month. Then when I get back to it. I’m sure in the ideal world I won’t have a month off, but apart from stretching my leg and tendon, using it seems to get the most done.

In the week since my last physio secession it’s amazing how far I’ve come, things are getting looser and at times I can walk with only a very small limp. There’s still loads to do… but I might just be getting somewhere… on one crutch.

Once again Kat at the Royal Free in Hampstead is top notch, great physio who fills you with confidence.

In other news I also drove my car for the first time in about 8 months. Nothing went snap. Bonus.

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Not my words but the words of my physio… which was nice to hear.

Today was an 8am physio appointment (O yes 8am!) and I’ve been moved up to doing calf exercises with the black threaband, still no heal raises, but as I’ve said before I have 100% faith in my new physio so what she says goes as far as I’m concerned. So a good half hour massage and a chat about the All Ireland final and I was on my way. I did ask how long she thought I was away from getting back on two feet, she told me I was four or five months away from getting back to sport. In the nicest possible way I said that I couldn’t care less about sport right now, my basketball days are done (LeBron will sleep easier tonight), just what about walking? It would seem that once I get down flat in the boot walking will happen pretty quickly, maybe not walking properly for a while, but that will come, it’s been five months after all.

So all in all that’s pretty good news, I was feeling like there was a bit of a cloud over me for the last few days, but that news has lifted the old sprits a bit!

My days of walking like RoboCop might just be numbered.

And it’s Friday… I’ve little to moan about really.

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SO physio yesterday… now I don’t want to know my old physio (which means I probably going to) but my new one is a different breed. She has no problem telling me not to do what the last one told me to do, already has really worked the tendon via a massage a couple fo time (the last one didn’t touch me) and is making me feel a lot more confident that she knows how to get me up and at it again. I’m still off heel raises, and until the last block comes out she won’t let me, but I’m onto the red threaband for calf exercise, so that’s something.

Between her and my doc I do feel like I’m in good hands.

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That’s what I’ll be… or so I was told by my nice Irish physio named Kat. So I’ve got an Irish mammy, Irish other half, and Irish physio all telling my what to do. I feel right at home.

So where am I now then? Well, it seems to be OK, pretty uneventful and that’s the way I like it. Since the last visit to the physio I’ve had one block in the Aircast boot taken out, been doing my exercises and massaging my tendon everyday and it seems to be working. My physio was happy that the tendon had loosened up, the scar tissue is taking shape, starting to form in what will become a shiny new tendon (are tendons shiny?). She had a look at my MRI and said it all looks ‘good’ and is in one piece, but as she said, she’s not the expert on reading scans. After my recent experience I’m not sure who is, they are tricky things it would seem.

My leg and foot feel better than ever, and although I’m still looking at around another five weeks in the Aircast it’s getting there. The summer in the UK has been a right off so I haven’t missed much… roll on a scorcher of a November I say!

The tough bit of the physio was she asked me to put less weight through the crutches and more on the Leg/Aircast to get some strength into it. So far that’s harder than it seems, by this stage the natural reaction is to use my arms, I don’t have ‘the fear’ after the ‘almost re-rupture’ or whatever it was, it’s just tough to get your brain to do something new after so long. Around the house I can use one crutch again, which is great, although I’m still up a bit high on blocks in the Aircast to make it ‘comfortable’.

Up next is a trip to the Doc on Wednesday where, with a bit of luck I’ll get another block out.

In other news, my day job was looking for redundancies so I took voluntary which is handy, I now have some time off to get healthy and avoid dragging myself round London in the rain on crutches. Second time round it was much less ‘fun’.

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OK so today I set off to the hospital for a check up and MRI results, and all seems good. My Doc sais that the fibers seemed intact on the MRI and after talking to me and examining me he thinks 6 weeks to get out of the boot. It’s all a bit of a long haul, but that’s OK… I was hoping to get sorted by the end of October if possible.

So now I see my Doc every two weeks and the physio the weeks in between so at least that’s something to do each week and then it feels like it’s moving forward. A block came out of the Aircast boot so walking is a bit more comfortable and I’ll give ti a few day then move onto one crutch around the house.

It’s been about 16 weeks so far, and I do feel a little behind everyone else, but as long as it wasn’t a re-rupture I can’t complain too much. The main thing now is getting some strength back into my calf muscle, so that’s the next focus.

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