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Not my words but the words of my physio… which was nice to hear.

Today was an 8am physio appointment (O yes 8am!) and I’ve been moved up to doing calf exercises with the black threaband, still no heal raises, but as I’ve said before I have 100% faith in my new physio so what she says goes as far as I’m concerned. So a good half hour massage and a chat about the All Ireland final and I was on my way. I did ask how long she thought I was away from getting back on two feet, she told me I was four or five months away from getting back to sport. In the nicest possible way I said that I couldn’t care less about sport right now, my basketball days are done (LeBron will sleep easier tonight), just what about walking? It would seem that once I get down flat in the boot walking will happen pretty quickly, maybe not walking properly for a while, but that will come, it’s been five months after all.

So all in all that’s pretty good news, I was feeling like there was a bit of a cloud over me for the last few days, but that news has lifted the old sprits a bit!

My days of walking like RoboCop might just be numbered.

And it’s Friday… I’ve little to moan about really.


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