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So off to the hospital today for my MRI scan… 20 minuets of lying on my back doing sweet FA. Not the most challenging part of my ATR if I’m honest, well apart from the noise that sounds like dodgy German techno (I atcually didn’t realise how close is was to dodgy German techno until I hit Youtube)

I was ushered in, no stripping off for me just remove watches, keys, phone and Aircast before I got into the room. Then my leg was strapped into place, I was offered a blanket (I passed on that one) and the doing nothing was underway. After all was said and done I made a point of asking the nice lady nothing about the scan. After my last Ultrasound I was told I had full re-ruptured, only then to be told I hadn’t so I figured this time, ignorance was bliss. The images will be ready for my trip to the Doc on Wednesday morning and he can tell me the good (or bad) news then.

Physio is going well (as far as I know) and my leg feels good and more like a normal leg than it ever did… as it stands my body is telling me I’m getting there and until I know something different that’s where I am.


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I had my ultra sound this morning at 10.50 (I like to be exact.) and Ive made a bit of a mess of my achilles, but it’s still in one piece it.

My (long suffering and lovely) other half was watching the monitor and said the bad bit looks a bit like this…

So I’m happy, I know that sound odd as I’m sure I’ve just put myself back a few months, but that fact that it’s still in one piece is a weight off my mind. I see the doc on Wednesday morning and he might not be quite so happy but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now I’m back on block in my Aircast boot (4 of them) and I’ll keep it well rested till Wednesday and see what the outcome is, wish me luck.

I got a private Ultrasound scan done (Ironically my ultra sound appointment just came through from the hospital for the 22nd of July! I couldn’t sit waiting that long) and for putting my mind at ease it was the best £165 (Harley street wanted £300+) I have ever spent. I got it done here they were very helpful, I phoned on Friday (£40 deposit) and had an appointment on Saturday morning, handy. I did phone the secretary of my Doctor first and she said he would have no problem with me getting my own scan done, so with any luck I won’t get my wrist slapped. The NHS have been great, but at this point I just felt I need to take charge of my situation and have everything in place for when I see my Doc or I felt it could drag on.

The adventure continues (on crutches)…

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