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So it’s coming on, The Air Cats Boot is making life a lot easier. A lot easier.

Dinner with my better half, so nice to sit outside normally, not holding my leg up, or trying to get comfortable, just having dinner. Walked home, pushed it a bit too far (.35 miles), no Achilles trouble, I’m not putting too much weight on my cast yet, so the crutches and arms did most of the work, I used my smart crutches, so the hands came off OK. At first I thought a muscle was sore from the walk, bit worrying, but it was edge of the cast rubbing on my leg, normally this would piss me off, but I was glad that was all it was. As it’s a Boot I can pop it off and get some air round it and a bit of Savlon. Back in the game, well on the bench, in civies.

Started trying to do some exercise (a bit anyhow) for up  my upper leg, I look a bit Can Can dancer-esq, the Boot is heavy enough that if I stand up and raise it up and down fifty times, it’s a pretty good workout for it. Aiming to do that 4 or 5 times a day. Not much, but it’s a start.

Had a great nights sleep for the first time in 6 weeks last night. 8+ hours, woke up for a couple of minuets, realised I’d turned over in the night, everything looked in one piece, out fot the count again.

Swelling in my foot must be down around 15-20% from yesterday, when it looked a bit like a raspberry with toes.

Hopefully I will have nothing to blog about until Tuesday night, when I will have my first physio appointment over. Exciting times indeed.


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Quick one this, because lets face it me telling people about sleeping is dull as ditch water.

Night two was a 100% better, less worried about my Achilles. Woke at 4 something, quick turn over, dead to the world till 8am.

My foot is still as bloated as drug smugglers rectum mind you.

One for the family album…

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