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So today was my first trip into work in two shoes… I had my two crutches to say ‘get out the way… clumsy guy coming through’ and I did get a cab in and a cab home, not brave enough for public transport just yet. But I have to say all was good, I think I’m putting a bit more weight on the leg, and trying to stand with my hips even but by the end of the day I was tired, they leg ached a bit and the odd little twinge here and there, but I guess that’s to be expected after a spell of of action.

So onto day two out in the big bad world tomorrow, next stop with the physio is on Thursday, see what that brings.


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So today was the day the physio put me back into two shoes. After nearly six months (my ATR happened on the 11th of April) I took my first steps in a pair of Nike Air’s. Of course I have heel raises in both shoes, and two crutch on my journey up and down the hospital gym but I can cope with that.

It was odd, I was elated, I was scared, I was more perplexed that I had to think about walking. It’s like breathing, it’s just something you do. I guess the last time I had to think about it I was one year old… and then I didn’t know what thinking was, let alone walking.

But all went well, the physio was happy that my walking was good and I was using the leg, all I had to watch out for was how I was standing and that my hips were level, obviously human nature is to take more weight on your good leg, but that is a no no. I did about ten lengths of the gym, no pain the the tendon, a little discomfort in the ankle joint that hasn’t moved much in the last while, but I have to say all good. I asked what next, do I use the Air Cast going round and do a bit without it and I was told no, just use the two crutches and get rid of it as soon as possible. I had to put it back on as I couldn’t carry it, and then I had to catch a flight home tonight so it stayed on for a trip through the airport as it’s too much walking too soon (and too slow).

When I got to my folk house I did a bit of walking about which my Mum and the long suffering other half were please to see, and it felt pretty good. I bit of a very slight twinge, but that’s my paranoia kicking in I’d imagine as much as anything else.

I’ve got a weekend of wedding prep ahead of me, so I’ll have to take it easy and the boot well be coming in the car with me in case there is a lot of walking to be done, but I was told to got for a walk tomorrow and get used to it… scary and exciting times.

So again I know I’m a long way off, but it’s not very long ago that today seemed like a long way off, but God willing I’ll get there… in two shoes!


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