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I headed into work today for the first time in five and half weeks, needed to catch up with my boss and sort a few things out. Arrived in by cab around 10 and did the rounds, saying hello, boring people with my stories of casts etc. I have become and Achilles geek.

Was good to see people, catch up, as I’m still off for a few more weeks.

Headed home around 4pm and I have to say I was knocked for six. It’s funny you think it won’t take that much of you, but I could of slept by the time I made it back.

While I’ve been away a girl in work was using my desk, I heard that she had a bike accident yesterday, and may of fractured both elbows and that could mean both arms in plaster. My thoughts / prayers go out to her. Again I am reminded that I have little to worry about.


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