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quite a week.

So after nearly a year (well not quite I did my ATR on April 11th 2011)I was discharged from Hospital on Wednesday. It’s funny it’s been such a BIG part of my life for the last lot of months it felt strange not having to go back again. Then today I went to the physio and she told me it’s al good, finish up my hospital gym session, maybe another four weeks, see her once more and then I’m done.

O and I got a new job today.

It’s funny things do come in threes.

The leg feels 100 times better after a few trips to the gym, I bought my self a wobble board to top up my work out at home (I’ve been slacking a bit on that front, need to get my arse in gear!)

It really does feel like it’s getting back to normal, as I said just finish up the gym bit, get off the blocks in my shoes over the next couple of weeks and that should be it. I know it will take another six months to fully forget about it, but that will fly by I’m sure.

As always if you’re reading this and you’ve had an ATR, hang in there, it will pass! Good luck with the healing up!


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