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Sofa arrived today, I only ordered it yesterday! This next go at getting over my ATR will be done on this bad boy. It can also fold down as a bed, and I know it sounds lazy, but that will happen, especially when the (by now) long suffering better half is about so we can both have a bit of comfort. Could of done without the expense in the year I’m getting married (December the 9th is the big day – so I HAVE to be at least hobbling by then… if not I want an AirCast boot with ribbons on!) but sometimes you got to do what you got to do.


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in my head that is.

After a bit of a crazy day yesterday, every emotion under the sun washed over me at some point or another I gave up and went to bed. Awake at 4.33 am, which I only mention because after the last time I thought I’d re-rupture I awoke at that time as well (I did fall asleep again mind, and finally woke around 8.30 which is a lot more civilized).

Anyhow onto my point, this post is a bit self indulgent but I want my blog to be as honest as possible, fingers crossed there’ll be something in it that helps someone else. All that keep going over and over in my head is if the Doctor examined me and said it’s fine, I have good movement in my foot, I passed the Thompson test, hell it even feels like I could walk on it (I won’t try) etc. but the ultrasound says it’s gone again how does this happen? Why can’t it be a bit more black and white… I guess that’s the human body…90% science, 10% trial and error.

Apart from all that, the waiting is once again the killer, I now have to wait till Wednesday to see my Doctor, and by that time it will be nearly a month since it re-ruptured and that it a month wasted as far as I can see. I’m ready to start again, ready to have an opp, ready for the casts, I just wish I hadn’t wasted a month. I know it’s no anyone fault and all the signs were good, but still it’s a month I could of had over me and you wouldn’t have to read dull stuff like this! (if anyone is reading?…Hello?…Hello!?…HELLO!?)

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Early sign would suggest after 99 days or 1,188 hours or 71,280 minutes or 4,276,800 seconds (not that I’m counting) in casts I have re-ruptured my achilles.

I went for an Ultrasound this morning at the hospital and I could tell by the atmosphere as I was getting it done that something was wrong. The nice man who did my original Ultrasound all those weeks ago was brought in for a second opinion and he had to break the bad news.

It would seem like there is a 4cm ish break in the tendon and even though my foot feels fine and there’s plenty of movement in it when I heard the ‘POP!’ something happened. I now have to wait till Wednesday to see the consultant and see where we go from there, he might want an MRI to see exactly what’s going on.

It’s all very confusing considering that I passed the Thompson test, can still move my foot, have no pain, maybe there’s a small light at the end of the tunnel, but this time I’m ready for the worst.

It’s a strange feeling, at least in a way I now know. Even though I’d been given an all clear before I never fully believed that I was out of the woods. Last time when I thought it had gone I was a bit of a mess to be honest, really upset, this time I don’t have that, I just feel like ‘O well, have to start again, at least I’m not sick’

Sorry if you are reading this and it upset you, there’s still only a small chance of a re-rupture so don’t get all doom and gloom on me ya hear!

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