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Not right now anyhow.

After a day of walking round the flat a little I decided that I was going to venture a little further afield. To buy moisturiser for the other half. I know that sounds odd, but I need a mission, and that was what I chose, so I set off crutches in hand, Air Cast boot completing the outfit and make it to the end of the road and back, not far about 200m, but it was actually OK. I didn’t put too much weight on my leg, my brain won’t let me, and I’m not supposed to, it was still a good upper body workout, the best thing about crutches.

It’s early days. But it feels likes progress. Massive progress.

It heated up inside that boot (I have crazy body temperature) so being able to undo the front and let some air in was bliss.

Onwards, and upwards.


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