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One of the greatest toys I ever had, but I’ll get back to that…

My Dad had a bit of a mishap with a bench saw yesterday and managed to catch his finger in it, he cut three quarters through the bone and made a mess of the tendons. We are waiting to see how long he’ll be in hospital for, he’s 72 had a triple by-pass a few years back and has just finished building his second house since he had that done… different generation my Dad, made of tough stuff.

I’m doing as I’m told and staying off my leg as much as possible, no physio at all (promise) and just giving it some gentle movement.

I’m never happy though this is the first time I’ve been properly BORED! through out my injury. Starting physio the first time was like having a new toy (not sure who get an achilles tendon as a toy, but you know what I mean) and being allowed to play with it, now it’s like it’s been taken away. I’d like it back please…pretty please?


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When he did the Thompson test on me this moring and my foot twitched. I didn’t, we don’t have that kind fo a relationship. His loss.

After last weeks ‘glitch’ where I heard a ‘POP’ and by stomach turned, I have  spent the last 5 days fearing the worst. Today I went back to the hospital to find out what the verdict was. And it was all good news as far as I was concerned, yes I have set myself back a few weeks, but at least it’s not months, so I’m very happy.

He examined my tendon and it’s in one piece, looked over my Ultrasound I had done and said that was ok and seemed normal. What about the ‘POP’ I asked? It could of been the tendon he said, but it could of been my heel, in fact he seemed to think it probably was. Lots of stuff has been lying dormant down there, not just the achilles. Having never had this injury before (thankfully) I, like most people, am learning as I go… slowly.

I’m back on blocks in my Aircast boot and back on two crutches, but I don’t mind. I have to rest my achilles for two weeks, then I get another Ultrasound and a check up back in with my doc. From then I can see if I can start back into physio. My doc even shock my hand, I think he was worried it re-ruptured, I’m sure it’s no fun breaking that news to someone.

So I consider myself a very luck boy, and this has been a bit of a warning shot across the bows. I don’t think I pushed myself too hard, but next time round I’ll give things a bit more time, and take it a bit slower. I’m sure starting back to walking FWB will be squeaky bum time – but I won’t worry about that now.

Over the last few days I’ve driven myself mad preparing myself for the worst – GET BEHIND ME SATAN GOOGLE! And yet again I was shown that everyone is different and no two injuries are the same. To give an example according to Google if your leg fails a Thompson test you tendon is gone, but, and this is a pretty f**king bit but as far as I’m concerned, of the three doctors who saw me the first two said I failed the Thompson Test, my doc (the specialist) got my leg to pass it first go. I’m not knocking the first two I saw, one was in A&E (and was great and those poor guys have to be a jack of all injuries) and the other wasn’t an achilles expert. It does go to show, as hard as it is to do sometimes, you have to get ALL the facts in front of  you before you can see what’s up.

Thanks again for you thoughts and prayers it was very much appreciated – good luck with your injuries and STAY OFF GOOGLE!

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thats what went through my head yesterday at 12.32. I was walking down the road, on my way to meet a friend  for lunch when something went wrong. I thought someone had hit my cast and I turned round and no one was there, and of course a bit of pain, not too much, but enough to make bad words go through my mind.

So I got back to the office, thankfully about 20 meters away and jumped in a cab and headed to A&E. Air cast off and I could still move my foot, and do a heel raise, but no moments from the calf squeezing test.

What does all this mean? The doc said it may be a partial tear, but he won’t know until I get an ultrasound in the next couple of weeks.

I was told to put 3 blocks back in my Aircast Boot and carry on, what it all means, who knows, but I won’t lie I’m a bit frightened right now.

**UPDATE – I’m going private for a scan tomorrow. Fingers crossed the news won’t be too bad, and even if it isin’t great I’ll have something to show the Doc on Wednesday and see if it’s just going to take a bit longer, or it’s back to square one. The thing that worries me most is I’ll have that scan result in my hand for 4 days. Maybe ignorance would be bliss, O well it’s book now.**

**UPDATE – got some nice messages after this post – meant alot to me today. Cheers M**

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