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First off I’m please to say if you Google image search for ‘heel block air cast boot’ you get a picture of my boot and picture of RoboCop, some people will be left scratching their heads I feel.

In other news tomorrow I got back to the hospital where I think my heel block is going to be dropped from 4 cm to 2 cm, never before will 2 cm seemed like so much (add your own punchline)


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A couple of people of told me that taking a load of vitamin C can help with an Achilles tendon rupture, I’ve been taking some, but maybe not enough, so I’m going to up the amount to 1000mg a day, which according to the NHS is OK. Even if it dosen’t help, it can’t hurt. Here’s a study involving rats, poor buggers, who tested the vitamin c theory out.

While I was at the health food shop to stock up on Ruta I was also recommended these. I’m now £60 worse off and rattle when I walk.

I’ll be honest I wasn’t really into homeopathic medicine, but I know a few people who are (my physio is one of them) but my Achilles does feel good so far, the’re might be something in this thing…

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That might well be the question. Here’s some information on surgery vs. non surgery (I went non surgery by the way)

Interesting read here  & here & here

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So A quick update, I’m a few days into my exercises and it seems to be going well. I’ve had my foot raised a lot for the last few days and the swelling is pretty much gone as far as I can tell and my foot / ankle is much more flexible. The last of the five sets each day are tougher as everything locks up a bit, but I’ve started soaking my foot in a hot bath, to get some heat into it, loosen it up each night and that helps.

So far I’m pretty impressed at how much movement is coming back, I know I’m still a long way off but it’s nice to see and feel progress.

My next trip back to the hospital is Wednesday to get my heel block in my Air Cast Boot dropped for 4cm to 2 cm, and then a trip back on Thursday for my second visit to Physio.

Onwards, upwards, sideways, back and forth, left and right, round and round etc.

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Day three of the excersies given to me by the physio and so far, so good. Everything’s loosening up a bit, although by round five it’s tough, my body doesn’t like that game no more.

The toes are back in the game people. Is it a wiggle or a struggle? Bit of both, but those piggies dancing, well it’s a sight to behold.

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I headed into work today for the first time in five and half weeks, needed to catch up with my boss and sort a few things out. Arrived in by cab around 10 and did the rounds, saying hello, boring people with my stories of casts etc. I have become and Achilles geek.

Was good to see people, catch up, as I’m still off for a few more weeks.

Headed home around 4pm and I have to say I was knocked for six. It’s funny you think it won’t take that much of you, but I could of slept by the time I made it back.

While I’ve been away a girl in work was using my desk, I heard that she had a bike accident yesterday, and may of fractured both elbows and that could mean both arms in plaster. My thoughts / prayers go out to her. Again I am reminded that I have little to worry about.

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I think I’ve talked to more interesting people since I’ve had my cast on, people who I’ve seen before, maybe even said hello to, but that was as far as it went.

I guess it’s like a puppy, people like to come and ask ‘what’s it name’ just in may case they go ‘O, how did you do that’

I live in a block of apartments, and sit outside in the communal gardens when I can, there are a lot of older folk live here, it’s very different during the day, it’s got a real community spirit. Then the 9 to 5 ers arrive (of which I am one) and they would hardly look at each other. I’ve talked to people who’ve been extras in The Bill, ex motor cycle racers, custom car enthusiasts, loaded lawyers, nice old ladies on bussed,  even said sorry to Tim Burton. All of them passed the time and told me things I didn’t know. Except Tim Burton, he just smiled and looked a bit shy.

It’s been one of the highlights, you forget / feel you’re not supposed to talk to other people, but it’s nice when you do.

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