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I have to take my first flight (ever) in a cast on Wednesday night, not a long flight, about an hour. The airport (Gatwick) and Easyjet say traveling with a cast and crutches is fine, I’m sure it will be, they offered me a wheel chair, but I politely declined the offer. Nice of them though.

I’ll write a post about what happens.


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I think I’ve talked to more interesting people since I’ve had my cast on, people who I’ve seen before, maybe even said hello to, but that was as far as it went.

I guess it’s like a puppy, people like to come and ask ‘what’s it name’ just in may case they go ‘O, how did you do that’

I live in a block of apartments, and sit outside in the communal gardens when I can, there are a lot of older folk live here, it’s very different during the day, it’s got a real community spirit. Then the 9 to 5 ers arrive (of which I am one) and they would hardly look at each other. I’ve talked to people who’ve been extras in The Bill, ex motor cycle racers, custom car enthusiasts, loaded lawyers, nice old ladies on bussed,  even said sorry to Tim Burton. All of them passed the time and told me things I didn’t know. Except Tim Burton, he just smiled and looked a bit shy.

It’s been one of the highlights, you forget / feel you’re not supposed to talk to other people, but it’s nice when you do.

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