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Most boring photo I’ve ever taken? Probably, but that is 2cm’s of what I’ve been walking round on for the last couple of weeks.

My check up went well today, the Doc even raised a smile, although that might of been because it was manic in the hospital and I was a simple in / out. I made out he was smiling as this was some of the greatest Achilles tendon healing know to mankind!

So I’m a bit lower to the ground, a lot less like I’m walking on one high heel, much more even when it comes to walking. A few new muscle getting used, which is nice, and after about 6 hours no new pains or aches (not that I’ve had many).

I’m back in two weeks to get the boot dropped another 2cm and then it was hinted at that I might go into trainers with a heel raise, but I’m not getting too excited until I’m standing in both my Nike Air Max 95’s for the world to see.

I’m back to see the Physio tomorrow, looking forward to seeing what she’s going to have me doing next.



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